Commercial Services

Using a small 3-pound drone, (specifically a Phantom 2 Vision Plus), I offer any of the following services for a fee:

  • I will perform demonstration flights.
  • I will take aerial photos for realtors to use in property real estate listings. 
  • I will photograph property or events, (or anything else in plain site from a public place).
  • I will fly over your commercial farm to determine whether your crops need to be watered.

Note: I would deliver packages to you for a fee, but unfortunately I lack the proper equipment at this time. All of the commercial services offered above are safety-dependent. If the location, weather or any other condition presents unsafe flight conditions, I will not fly. All flights are conducted in accordance with the voluntary safety guidelines, as set forth in FAA Advisory Circular 91-57.

Please contact me for pricing information on any of the commercial services listed above.